No Tippmann purchase is complete without a Tippmann Squadbuster paint grenade. The Tippmann Squadbuster is the worlds most famous paint grenade. Tippm
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Use the large loops to hook these grenades to your belt or vest, and when the time is right, just throw them. There is no pin to pull. This baseball-s
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Laying a trap for your opponents? Then, this grenade is for you. In less than two minutes, you can attach a Booby Bomb to a tree, doorway or stake it
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LA COMANDA!Made to withstand rugged play, this stock is built with the same OPSGEAR quality construction as our other stocks. Designed for the Tippman
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Includes all parts needed to convert your Tippmann X7. * Stock Modeled after the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) * Comes with spring and sprin
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LA COMANDA! * Solid aluminum body and endcap * Black anodized finish * Can extend to a length of 9 inches
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This is an excellent butt stock for the Tippmann X7 markers. It is solid and made from 100% metal. This stock can be installed in less than a minute w
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Durable fold-able stock for TIPPMANN X7.
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LA COMANDA!Offering six different positions, the adjustable mil-sim X7 CAR buttstock is a versatile X7 mod that provides both form and function. The r
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LA COMANDA!Integrated high-pressure steel air line that seals directly to the marker's air system, allowing easy "plug and play" operation. Premi
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LA COMANDA!Fixed shoulder stock from the manufacturer Tippmann. Made of hard plastic alleged proposal by Special Ops Paintball, the court manufacturer
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The Opposing Force AK Fixed Stock, made from a special blend of fiber reinforced military grade composite that withstands freezing temperatures and do
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