Pentru butelii de 230bar/3000psi

    3000psi (200bar) high pressure regulator for air systems. Output pressure of this regulator is about 850 psi. Fill nipple is equipped wi
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High quality regulator from Ninja Air Paintball, USA. The regulator is about 1cm shorter than comparable models, also it can be changed in a few simpl
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The PowAir MAXREG HP regulators offer high-end product features and top quality at an incredibly good price. All regulators are tested to the PI and t
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The Micro Pressure HP Regulator has been developed for all 200 Bar / 3000 PSI Air Systems for the Paintball & Airsoft Sport. Its compact, space-sa
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The Pro SHP (Super-High-Pressure) regulator is the latest model of the top manufacturer Ninja Air Paintball USA. This Reg offers probably the highest
The Pro Regulator is the latest model from top manufacturer Ninja Air Paintball USA. The Pro Regulator has many useful features that make it one of th
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