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Pepper Gel Cartridge for Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) & Umarex HDR Launcher Content: 11 ml Ballistic beam Active Ingredient: Oleore
With long-range spray valve – can be accurately aimed with its ballistic jet. Content: 50 ml Range: 5 m ballistic jet Active Ingredient: 10% OC
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Walther ProSecure Pepper SPRAY Cartridge for the HDR 50 Launcher with 11ml active ingredient content.Pepper spray is particularly suitable f
Dangerous situations always arise unexpectedly. You might be jogging, taking a walk, or going to work: a threat can occur all of a sudden. Millions of
Holster din piele pentru PDP/PGS.  
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Walther ProSecur Pepper Gel has an accurate ballistic jet and a very long range, permitting it to be used in closed rooms without contaminating the su
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The giant in the Walther ProSecur defense spray series has an impressive 370 ml capacity and a practical pistol grip with a large button to facilitate
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INCLUS IN PACHET:-Pistol/holder pentru Capsula-Cartus cu spray lacrimogen (Tip: BEAM / RAZA) Lungime: 125 mmGreutate: 107gInaltime: 120mm  ,,Fost
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Thanks to a new technology, the Walther ProSecur Spray can be used from any position in a 360 degrees angle. It’s no longer necessary to hold th
High-quality pepper spray for animal defense in dangerous situations with 40ml content and strong 10% active ingredient . The pepper spray is released
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Take it wherever you go, because what good is the best protection if it’s at home on your dresser? The active ingredient OC (oleoresin capsicum)
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This high-quality defense spray provides reliable and effective protection Content: 40 ml Ballistic conical beam Active Ingredient: CS
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