Cal.50 - Pistoale & Revolvere pentru Agrement

  Air power for your paintball gun or airsoft pistol.
  The HDR 50 is a revolver with visible strengths – large caliber (.50), enormous muzzle energy and an imposing appearance. The easy-to-loa
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T4E TR 50 X-Tender with muzzle thread, muzzle brake The impressive muzzle attachment is suitable for T4E TR50/L models. It is designed to easily acc
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T4E X-Tracer 50 with UV LEDs / Muzzle LEDs, for X-Tender The UV Tracer unit with additional muzzle flash simulation enriches the shooting experience
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Introducing G.I.’s new 50cal Low Impact Pistol. Compliment any scenario game with this compact air efficient side arm. Lightweight, well balance
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The set includes:  G.I. Sportz Menace Cal.50 Paintball Pistol New Legion Tactical Power Paintball cal.50 - 250 pieces 12g CO2 capsules - 30
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Brand: WALTHER Model: Micro Shot Laser Mode: short distance Attachment for weaver slide Laser color: red Material: entirely in metal Ignition sy
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Load the six hefty .50-caliber projectiles into the tube magazine under the barrel and push the CO₂ capsule securely into the grip. Then pierce the
538.30 LEI
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Universal Deluxe Commando holster by Leapers with a modern design, suitable for medium-sized pistols such as Glock 17 or IWIJericho. With success, it
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T4E Precision 50 projectiles reveal their strongest property right in their name: precision! They get this from their hemispherical form and sabot, wh
Material: Special Mix / Hard RubberCaliber: 0.50 / 0.50+Quantity: 100 pcsWeight: 2.2grFor: All RAM weapons with .50cal
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Chalk balls have proved to be useful in training, especially for police. They break apart on impact, marking the target with white chalk powder. Thank
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