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Flash hider machined from 6061 T6 aluminium. Fits all MILSIG barrels as well as metric threaded barrels.
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5 inch MILSIG mock suppressors. The new mock suppressors are threaded on both sides so you can thread to cover the barrel or flip it to extend your ba
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Metric threaded ring to protect your barrel tip when not using a muzzle brake. Compatible with all Marksman barrels.
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Phantom muzzle brake for LAPCO BigShot Assault barrels. Also fits all barrels with 7/8-20 outer thread (such as original Tiberius barrels).
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Muzzle brake in Heckler & Koch G36 style for LAPCO BigShot Assault barrels. Also fits all barrels with 7/8-20 outer thread (such as original Tiber
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Universal fake suppressor made by LAPCO. Features: • Includes plastic sizing sleeves – suppressor will fit barrels with 1“ and 7/8&l
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Fake suppressor for all LAPCO BigShot Assault barrels. Features: • Fits all LAPCO Bigshot Assault Barrels and also fits other 7/8-20 threaded t
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LAPCO thread protector tip for BigShot Assault barrels. Will also fit other 7/8-20 threaded tip barrels like the Tiberius factory barrels.
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The LAPCO Apex Ready™ Tip for the BigShot Assault™ barrels, adds functionality to the marker. It acts as an adapter allowing the full use
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New, longer version. Approx. 15cm total length. (see comparison last picture, old version on the left, new version on the right)      
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