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Long range barrel for increased shooting distance Honed and ported for superior accuracy Works with X-7 shrouds and foregrips A-5 / X-7 / Cronus / T
  The Smart Parts All American Barrel features a classic one piece design. It's a revolutionary design with spiral porting for improved accuracy
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      The new HammerHead Barrel is designed for unmatched accuracy with features like true spiral rifling to control ball rotation, and
Fluted bull barrel constructed from CNC machined aluminum and features a rifled inner bore. Compatible with all Spyder threaded markers.14 inch long b
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Really long barrel for all markers with Spyder thread. Slim outer bore – fits MR2, MR3 and MR4 foregrips.
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    This has a disk on one end to clear the break and a place to insert a cloth on the other to dry any paint that might remain. Won't scrat
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Aluminium Back 14" Aluminium Front Includes Insert Removeable Bore Insert Cocker
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Designed for range and accuracy, and eliminating the need to arch your shot, the Tippmann Flatline Barrel System uses patented technology to create ba
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    Smart Parts Linear barrel. 14 inch, black, anodized aluminum. 1-piece barrel. Standard bore size. Straight ported, stiff arbor honed,
168.97 LEI
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