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  TACAMO MagFed body kit for Tippmann A5 paintball line markers. Features • Full cast body. • DMAG/DMAG Helix compatible. NO MAGAZINE
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    The new TPX Leg Holster comes with a removable body, making it flexible for wearon the right or left side.   Fully adjustable leg s
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    Installs in pistol to allow use with CO2 tank and remote line.    
  LA COMANDA!         The new HammerHead® Barrel is designed for unmatched accuracy with features like true spiral riflin
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    * 8 ball capacity self locking magazine * Quick release system * Easy to carry, load, and use * 2 magazines so you can reload on the spo
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  Universal parts kit for Tippmann TPX Pistol. Kit includes: (1) TA0049 Regulator/Air Valve/Puncture Valve O-ring(1) SL-4 Front Bolt O-Ring(1) 98
TA20049 Puncture Valve Puncture Pin Oring for Tippmann TiPX/TPX paintball pistol.
Complete regulator for Tippmann TPX/TiPX. After instalation it allows to plug Remote Adapter Kit /TiPX Pistol (09682) to Tippmann TPX.
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Breech window for Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol.
Puncture Seal for Tippmann TiPX (TPX) paintball pistols.
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