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    For those interested in a quality barrel at a killer price, OPSGEAR introduces the SPECTRE ported paintball barrel for the Tippmann Mode
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  The Smart Parts All American Barrel features a classic one piece design. It's a revolutionary design with spiral porting for improved accuracy
175.92 LEI
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    Smart Parts Linear barrel. 14 inch, black, anodized aluminum. 1-piece barrel. Standard bore size. Straight ported, stiff arbor honed,
157.17 LEI
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    Two-Piece Barrel for T98. Lenght 16". Boresize .687.
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    Barrel designed specifically for the Scenario market. Matt black finish, no light reflection for Scenario users who want to stay hidden.
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The New Flatline Platinum Series Barrel features quick thread design that easily attaches like any other barrel. Designed for range and accuracy, and
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    * Made for the Tippmann A-5 and X7 * 20" Length * Straight Ported * Stiff Arbor Honed * Ceramic + Teflon Coated * 1 Piece Barrel
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Developed in collaboration with Hammerhead, the Tippmann Straight Line Barrel combines Hammerhead's popular spiral rifling and reverse porting to give
  The BT Apex2 Barrel System has again redefined how paintball is played. The new stealth look of the Apex2 Barrel will provide you with unmatche
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    BT M98 Apex2 Barrel - 18" The BT Apex2 Barrel System has again redefined how paintball is played. The new stealth look of the Apex2 Barr
Designed for greater distance and accuracy over standard barrels, the Sniper 16-inch Barrel is micro-honed and polished inside and out for ultimate pr
261.95 LEI
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    The LAPCO one piece BigShot Assault™ is ideal for players looking for superior performance while attaining the ideal MilSim appear
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