T98, Bravo One, TMC & Compatible

teava 98/BravoOne/SierraOne

  The Smart Parts All American Barrel features a classic one piece design. It's a revolutionary design with spiral porting for improved accuracy
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    Smart Parts Linear barrel. 14 inch, black, anodized aluminum. 1-piece barrel. Standard bore size. Straight ported, stiff arbor honed,
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14" New Legion Tippman 98 Barrel Length: 14 " Tippman 98 thread Colour: black
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Proto one piece barrels  barrels are made to the highest quality standards from aircraft grade aluminum and are anodized for style and protection
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Smart Parts Tactical 16 inch Tippmann 98 black
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Give your Tippmann 98 the real look and feel on an M16 with this barrel kit. Fits all markers that accept 98 thread. New Legion M 16 Tippmann 98 Barr
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Smart Parts revolutionized paintball barrels with the Freak System, a modular barrel kit comprised of a back, front and sized inserts to allow maximum
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GOG Inline Freak Barrel is the revolution of the barrels! By giving him the ability to take Freak Insets and born ist the GOG Inline FREAK Barrel! 1 F
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Smart Parts Linear 16 inch Tippmann 98 black
189.91 LEI
  * Made for the Tippmann A-5 and X7 or T98 * 20" Length * Straight Ported * Stiff Arbor Honed * Ceramic + Teflon Coated * 1 Piece Barrel
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Designed for greater distance and accuracy over standard barrels, the Sniper 16-inch Barrel is micro-honed and polished inside and out for ultimate pr
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1pc Aluminium Back 1pc Aluminium Front 3pcs  Aluminium Inserts: .689, .691, and .693 Including case  
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