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Lapco Paintball Deluxe Cyclone Feed Upgrade Combo Our aluminum ratchet upgrade for the A5/X7/98 Cyclone was made to increase rate of fire and provide
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Links the feeder sprocket to the air system Synchronized ball feed for reduced breakage and jamming The faster you shoot, the faster you feed! Feeds
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    The Offset Hopper Adapter for Tippmann A5/X7 cyclone feed system. It is perfect for optical sight gun set up. It fits all standard Cyclo
    Low profile - LP, offset design for the Tippmann X7, A5, or the 98 Custom Cyclone Kit. Provides a clean view along top of marker.  
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    The Offset Hopper for markers equipped with Tippmann Cyclone Feed System (A5, X7 or Phenom) or BT Rip Clips (TM-15, TM-7 or BT Delta Eli
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        Special hopper for markers with cyclone feeding system. It´s possible to make them shorter or longer, according to y
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          Enhance your sight line down the barrel of your Tippmann A-5 with the A-5 Offset Hopper. Made by Allen Paintball Pr
This is the updated version of the original Micro Cap loader for the Tippmann A-5. The TAC-CAP is designed for use as a low profile alternative to the
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