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    Ever broken a paintball in your barrel? Of course you have, it happens to everyone. Just slide your squeegee down the barrel a couple of
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  The BT-4 Combat™ is the marker that started the BT-4 Series. It’s the perfect scenario or woods ball marker which allows you to build the per
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BT-4 Combat Slice in Heckler & Koch G36 style and with Elite upgrades! New Slice version of the marker is far more user friendly than it´s p
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    IN STOC LA FURNIZOR!   Product information:   What happens when you take the standard BT-4 Combat and load it full of technolo
BT-4 Combat Slice in Heckler & Koch G36 style! New Slice version of the marker is far more user friendly than it´s predecessor BT-4 Combat.
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      The newly redesigned Empire Battle Tested Omega paintball marker will take you into battle without breaking the bank! The rugged
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    For the scenario or woodsball player who wants realism, BT Paintball offers the BT4 Delta paintball gun. Based on the MP5, most recogniz
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    The BT-4 Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker combines milsim looks with high performance upgrades to your next game.   Based on o
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  Product information:   The TM - 15 paintball marker is an excellent choice for any woodsball or mil-sim enthusiast. It's high performance
  STOC LIMITAT!     Product information: The TM-7 utilizes Mini™ Technology to inflict maximum force from a marker of minimal size. Do
    Product information:   Empire Battle Tested introduces a new, shorter carbine version of the TM-15 marker for more maneuverability
The innovative genius of Empire Paintball has been at it again with the creation of the Empire BT D*Fender.  This radical design moves the loader
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